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Activities Special

Dear Elizabeth,
What are some of your favorite activities from “A Place of Our Own”?
Elizabeth's Tips
Elizabeth Sanchez
Elizabeth Sanchez
Throughout our past five years, we’ve featured hundreds of ways in which inexpensive household items can be repurposed for your child’s development, joy and wonder. We’ve chosen four of our viewers’ favorites to highlight:

  • Gadget Painting
  • Gadget Painting is an art activity that you can do by using kitchen utensils that you will most likely already have around your house. It’s called gadget painting and it’s basically putting paper down for the kids and giving them these utensils to dip in the paint and use these utensils to “paint” with instead of traditional tools, such as paint brushes.

  • Ball Maze
  • In this activity, you’ll learn how you and your kids can connect cardboard tubes to create a ball maze. It’s a great way to stimulate children’s minds and get them to interact with each other.

  • Worm Farm
  • Kids like worms because they’re strange creatures that move, breath and eat just like them. Kids like worms, also because they are interesting to look at and to touch. They love their slimy, soft bodies, and the way they wrap around each other. So making a worm farm would be a fun project for them, and also for you! You will see how easy it is to create a farm where kids can observe and study worms in their own habitat.

  • Sound Garden
  • In a Sound Garden a child is allowed to explore sounds by clanging and banging different objects. Children love to make noise, so be prepared for the amount of clatter they’ll make with this activity.

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Lava Lamps for Infants
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