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Junk Food & Week in Review

Dear Debi,
I don't let my grandchildren have any junk food. When we go to parties, they pig out on whatever they can get their hands on. How can I get them to stop?
Adele, Altadena, CA
Debi's Tips
Debi Gutierrez
Debi Gutierrez
  • Shape childrenís tastes early in life
  • Have only healthy foods at home
  • Allow some flexibility with junk food outside of the home
And donít forget about the great things that we learned this week:
Expert Advice
Dr. Bob Sears
Dr. Bob Sears
Pediatrician and Author
Parents and child care providers should shape their childrenís tastes early in life. Kids can only eat what is available to them during the day. So make it a rule to have only healthy foods at home. But allow flexibility outside of the home. If you donít allow kids to have any junk food, then they will go overboard at parties and places outside the home where junk food is available. By doing it this way, you educate kids early on about healthy eating habits, but still allow them to be kids and have cake and ice cream at birthday parties.

For example, if you are taking your kids to a birthday party where you know there will be junk food, make it clear to your kids before you go to the event that they will be allowed one junk food item without asking permission. That gives the kids some freedom to enjoy themselves but still keeps them from going off and eating everything in sight. If you make that deal with them beforehand, they should understand that there are limitations on junk foods they will be allowed without depriving them completely.

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