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Dear Elizabeth,
What are some of your favorite recent activities from “A Place of Our Own”?
Elizabeth's Tips
Elizabeth Sanchez
Elizabeth Sanchez
Since our series began, we’ve shared some really innovative and easy to do activity ideas that you can try at home with your kids.

The following projects have been chosen as four of our favorite activities to do with the children you care for:

PVC Pipe Structures
Most of us know that praise and encouragement help build our children’s confidence and self-esteem. But do you realize that the kind of praise you give your child is more significant than how much you praise him or her? While the praise and encouragement you provide is important, it’s equally important for your child to become self-motivated and learn that the accomplishment can be its own reward. In this activity, you’ll find out how building these clever structures can also build your child’s self-motivation.

Pretend Car Wash
As adults, we know that lemons taste sour, that flowers are fragrant and that hugs feel good. We know these things because we’ve experienced them with our senses. In the same way, children learn about the world by experiencing things through their senses. A fun activity, which can involve many of your child’s senses, is a pretend car wash.

Treasure Bottles
You may not know this but by the age of three, most children have acquired nearly 1,000 words. But how do they learn these words? When you talk to your child during everyday activities and encourage him to express himself, you’re providing opportunities for him to learn and use vocabulary in meaningful ways. In this activity, you’ll learn how treasure bottles can spark your children’s natural curiosity and offer a wonderful way to introduce them to new words.

Baby Massage
Contrary to the old warning that holding babies too much will spoil them, we’ve since learned that the opposite is true. The more affectionate you are with your child, the better off he will be. In this activity, you’ll discover how massaging your baby can improve your child’s health and development.

PVC Pipe Structures Featured Activity:
PVC Pipe Structures
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