A Place of Our Own
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A glossary of terms and abbreviations to help you better understand and utilize the information presented on A Place Of Our Own.
Object permanence - When a mental image is maintained of an object that is not within sight
Objective recording - Written information that includes only the facts about behaviors that are seen and heard
Observation - The act of systematically watching what a child says and does to learn more about that child. The information gained from observation is used to plan activities that address the child's needs, strengths, and interests.
One-to-one correspondence - The most basic component in understand the concept of number: one group has the same number of things as another group (e.g., each foot has a shoe, each person at the table has a spoon)
Open-ended question - A question that can be answered in many ways rather than by "yes" or "no"; one for which there isn't one right answer

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