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Here are some things you can do to provide the stability and reassurance that children need to get them (and you) through tough times.
We are all storytellers. Stories are a natural part of the day and children learn more than you might think from those stories. It helps them develop language and literacy skills naturally.
California Title 22 Regulations regarding Child Care Centers and Family Child Care Homes – the online version of the Manual of Policies and Procedures from the Community Care Licensing Division.
The Child Care Plus Center on Inclusion in Early Childhood project at the University of Montana has produced a series of Tip Sheets on how to include children with disabilities in your child care. Topics range from general notes on what inclusion is to very specific strategies on how to adapt toys and activities.
Ten things to remember about how your children learn best. Print this out and post on your bulletin board or refrigerator as a daily reminder.
The Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services offers a downloadable guide to developmental milestones for children of all ages.
A Workbook to help identify learning opportunities and plan activities that will support a child's development as part of your daily practice.
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