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Take math out of the classroom and into the game room
How a memory book and journal can help you feel close to your baby even while youíre at work.
Discover a playful way to teach your child about self-expression.
How the art of conversation can help you support your kidsí learning
Helping kids to write by playing post office
How a few wooden golf tees, pieces of styrofoam and plastic hammers can help your kids manage aggressive behavior.
Cleaning is no longer a chore with this fun sensory activity.
Create a learning opportunity by watching the grass grow!
Find out how to make your own push toys from recycled boxes
Kidís creativity shines bright when the lights go low
How to create a chart of rules and routines to help your child build the foundation of security.
See how common kitchen items can get your kids interested in science.
Resolving conflicts through sock puppets
Whether itís rocks or buttons, your kids will have fun sorting and comparing
Skills: Math & Numbers
Turn common household items into ďsafeĒ learning materials for your children
How maintaining an emotional connection can be as simple as putting pen to paper.
Make a fun storyboard to help encourage your childís love of language.
An activity that will bring you closer as a family, and teach your grandchild about the art of storytelling.
How sending a teddy bear home can be a fun experience for parents and kids.
How spending time in your kitchen can cook up some great teachable moments.
Turn the smells of your home into a science experiment
Get your kids to transition with ease, with these simple and affordable homemade signs
Learn how the search for treasure can lead to the discovery of friendships.
Watch your child have a blast with a do-it-yourself volcano.
Make a splash with a water activity thatís guaranteed to help your kids love science.
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