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Explore the world with a simple magazine and a little imagination.
Turn changing time into fun time with these do-it-yourself baby mobiles
Painting without brushes
How an empty box and your child’s imagination can encourage sharing.
A few boxes are all you need to make a train set your kids will love.
How simple, homemade “emotion cards” can help children express themselves
How to get your kids on the right financial path.
Soar with this fun and engaging way for dads to bond with their kids.
An activity to explore colors, shapes and sounds
Discover how locks, latches and switches can help stimulate your child’s desire to think creatively.
Find out how building these clever structures can also build your child’s self-motivation.
How to make your own stencils and coloring books and use them in creative ways.
Discover how a bottle, some sand and some curiosity really get kids talking.

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