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 Crafts (16 results found)
Painting without brushes
A few boxes are all you need to make a train set your kids will love.
Turn finger painting into a fun, learning activity for all the ages in your care
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 Exercise (9 results found)
Find out how you can encourage your kids to be more physically active by using a menu.
Discover how marching is a fun way to stay in shape, no matter the size of your living space.
How karate and obstacle courses can help get your preschooler moving.
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 Games (10 results found)
Discover how a simple handmade box can help your baby learn
Tips on how to get your kids started on computers so they’ll enjoy them for the rest of their lives.
Think out of the box with these inexpensive and easy-to-make games
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 Music (3 results found)
Children’s music sensation, Greg & Steve, show us how music can be helpful in observation.
How all kids can make music with homemade kazoos
How you can create a homemade marching band with ordinary recyclables
 Outdoor (6 results found)
How you can make an old-fashioned ball toss with only a sheet, colored tape and some cardboard.
How something as fun and simple as blowing bubbles can create opportunities for teachable moments
Make something that your kids will find delightfully messy… without the dirt!
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 Projects (7 results found)
Discover some simple activities that can help build trust and bonding between children and the men in their lives.
Learn innovative ways to rearrange your space.
Cleaning is no longer a chore with this fun sensory activity.
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 Recipes (2 results found)
Snacks don’t have to be fattening with these healthy choices
Easy, healthy and fun recipes for you and your child to make together.
 For Child Care providers (4 results found)
How baby massage can help improve your child’s health and development.
Find out how to make your own blocks using simple recyclables from home
Discover how a few simple items can pave the way when your child is ready to leave diapers behind.
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