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 Crafts (41 results found)
How a "silly art book" promotes literacy while it makes your kids smile.
How a homemade storybook can be instrumental in helping your adopted child understand how you became a family.
Turn changing time into fun time with these do-it-yourself baby mobiles
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 Exercise (5 results found)
Discover how marching is a fun way to stay in shape, no matter the size of your living space.
How karate and obstacle courses can help get your preschooler moving.
A creative way to turn your kids wrestling into a safe and kid-friendly game
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 Games (13 results found)
Learn fun games that help kids understand how to wait for what they want.
Discover how a simple handmade box can help your baby learn
How playing in a simple cardboard house can help teach your kids what they need to know about cooperating with others.
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 Music (8 results found)
Kids love this song that helps them learn everyone’s names
Children’s music sensation, Greg & Steve, show us how music can be helpful in observation.
Kids’ favorites, Greg and Steve, perform a great song that encourages language and speech development.
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 Outdoor (5 results found)
How you can make an old-fashioned ball toss with only a sheet, colored tape and some cardboard.
Make something that your kids will find delightfully messy… without the dirt!
A fun way to bring sand and water play indoors
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 Projects (15 results found)
A sound game that can work for all of your kids
Discover how a simple ball maze can further develop your child's "brain power."
Help your kids discover cooperative play in a make-believe kitchen that you can construct out of ordinary boxes
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 Reading (5 results found)
How to breathe new life into a favorite storybook with felt boards.
Make stories come alive with books you can make at home.
How a pajama party can set the stage for literacy, any time of day.
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 Recipes (2 results found)
How making a simple open-faced sandwich can turn into a learning opportunity for your kids
The classic sandwich gets a healthy makeover
 For Child Care providers (4 results found)
How your kids’ artwork can be your best promotion
Find out how to make your own blocks using simple recyclables from home
How your kids can turn television into an interactive experience
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