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 Crafts (5 results found)
Turn changing time into fun time with these do-it-yourself baby mobiles
Your kids will never be lost when they learn to make a habitat map
How to get your kids on the right financial path.
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 Games (5 results found)
How a game of bowling can encourage math skills.
Skills: Math & Numbers
Tips on how to get your kids started on computers so they’ll enjoy them for the rest of their lives.
Discover simple games to encourage your child’s understanding of waiting, taking turns and following rules.
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 Music (1 results found)
How "filling in the blanks" makes poetry come to life.
 Outdoor (2 results found)
How you can make an old-fashioned ball toss with only a sheet, colored tape and some cardboard.
How planting a simple flower bulb can help energize your child’s interests in various areas of learning.
 Projects (6 results found)
Use every room in the house to teach your kids math
Learning math concepts by measuring with items that might surprise you
Take math out of the classroom and into the game room
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 Reading (1 results found)
Help make your child's storytelling experiences more rewarding by adding inexpensive or recycled props.
 Recipes (3 results found)
Find an easy way to turn snack time into a learning experience.
Cooking with kids can be a fun way to teach literacy.
Easy, healthy and fun recipes for you and your child to make together.

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