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 Crafts (28 results found)
Explore the world with a simple magazine and a little imagination.
How a "silly art book" promotes literacy while it makes your kids smile.
How a homemade storybook can be instrumental in helping your adopted child understand how you became a family.
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 Games (14 results found)
Discover how a simple handmade box can help your baby learn
How playing in a simple cardboard house can help teach your kids what they need to know about cooperating with others.
Free, easy, and exciting ways to help your little scientist create bubbles at home.
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 Music (6 results found)
Kids love this song that helps them learn everyone’s names
Kids’ favorites, Greg and Steve, perform a great song that encourages language and speech development.
How a timeless children’s song, a box and some imagination can turn into a wonderful way to develop language.
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 Outdoor (4 results found)
How building curiosity in your child can be found right in your own backyard.
How something as fun and simple as blowing bubbles can create opportunities for teachable moments
Expose children to words and nature by going on a walk and making a Nature Poster.
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 Projects (24 results found)
How to create a “writing area” – even if your space is limited
How a backpack can help you and your children strengthen your communication skills.
Discover how a simple ball maze can further develop your child's "brain power."
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 Reading (14 results found)
How a simple picture book you and your kids make can help build their self-esteem
How to make the same book special for infants, toddlers and preschoolers
How a bilingual word puzzle promotes both language and literacy
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 Recipes (4 results found)
Find an easy way to turn snack time into a learning experience.
Find out how to get four meals from one chicken.
Cooking green spaghetti can be a learning opportunity for all kids.
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 For Child Care providers (4 results found)
Find out how a simple notebook can create open communication.
Take the clutter out of creativity with these great ideas for storing your art materials
How your kids can turn television into an interactive experience
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