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 Crafts (4 results found)
Explore the world with a simple magazine and a little imagination.
How an art activity can help your children work through their fears.
Your kids will never be lost when they learn to make a habitat map
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 Exercise (4 results found)
Discover how marching is a fun way to stay in shape, no matter the size of your living space.
See how fun and easy it can be to get kids to exercise.
Find out how to create a "kid safe" area for when your kids get ready to rumble.
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 Games (1 results found)
How simple puppets can encourage kids to want to brush their teeth.
 Projects (6 results found)
A sound game that can work for all of your kids
Discover three simple and inexpensive ways to start being environmentally conscious.
How a “calming pillow” can help your child learn to work through his emotions.
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 Recipes (14 results found)
How to start your kids’ day with a healthy meal
Skills: Health & Safety
Find out how to get four meals from one chicken.
Cooking green spaghetti can be a learning opportunity for all kids.
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 For Child Care providers (19 results found)
Soothe your cranky little one with these time-tested baby calmers
The importance of parents, providers and doctors working together to manage a child's asthma.
Skills: Health & Safety
The importance of routine check-ups and immunizations during your child’s first five years
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