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 Crafts (13 results found)
Explore the world with a simple magazine and a little imagination.
Turn changing time into fun time with these do-it-yourself baby mobiles
Painting without brushes
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 Games (7 results found)
Free, easy, and exciting ways to help your little scientist create bubbles at home.
Tips on how to get your kids started on computers so they’ll enjoy them for the rest of their lives.
Think out of the box with these inexpensive and easy-to-make games
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 Outdoor (2 results found)
How you and your family can make an insect observation kit.
How planting a simple flower bulb can help energize your child’s interests in various areas of learning.
 Projects (19 results found)
How to create a “writing area” – even if your space is limited
Help kids understand their similarities and differences with books and magazines
A science project with rock salt and ice that will spark your kids’ imaginations
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 Reading (5 results found)
How to choose the right material to read to your kids.
Make literacy cheap and easy by designing and creating your own books
Nurture your child’s imagination with a storytelling art project
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 Recipes (1 results found)
Cooking with kids can be a fun way to teach literacy.
 For Child Care providers (5 results found)
Find out how a simple notebook can create open communication.
Discover a simple way to create a consistent approach for everyone, especially your child.
How your kids can turn television into an interactive experience
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