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Child Care Provider of the Week
Child Care Provider of the Week
Youngshin Gittings
Child Care Provider of the Week
Youngshin Gittings  
In Youngshin Gittings' Atlanta, Georgia home, you'll not only find children that are happy and excited but also actively engaged and showered with love. Acting as a second mother to these children is truly an honor that Youngshin takes very seriously
Recently Featured Child Care Providers
Sally Avila From weekly field trips to other engaging activities back at her San Antonio, Texas home, child care provider Sally Avila provides the kids in her care with an educational and caring environment. Sally became a licensed child care provider 9 years ago as
Paz Ojeda Paz Ojeda considers herself a deeply fortunate woman, not simply because her life's work allows her to connect with the wonders of nature, but mostly because she's able to share it with two-year-old Mirabai. As both a mother and grandmother, Paz believes
Mindy Gallardo Mindy moved from Mexico to help her sister's family-based child care business. Now Mindy is studying Pediatrics.

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