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Environment Makeover
Type: Projects   Skills: Health & SafetyPhysical & Motor Skills
The way your home is set up can make a huge difference on whether that behavior is positive or negative. In this activity, we’ll show you how you can most easily arrange your space to maximize your children’s learning potential. Environment Makeover
What We Learn
The environment influences your child’s behavior

Carefully plan & arrange your physical environment

Work with everyone in your child’s circle of care
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Your home environment can have a tremendous influence on your child’s behavior and his or her ability to learn. As we’ve discussed, setting up defined learning areas centered around specific play materials is beneficial for kids.

Before you start moving heavy furniture, though, create a blueprint or floor plan of your space. You can simply draw an approximate outline of the room or rooms that you are planning to rearrange.

Cut out felt pieces or pieces of paper to represent the various furniture items in the room. Place the cut-outs how you have your furniture arranged currently. Assess which spaces or areas might need to be reconfigured.

Move your cut-outs to your new and improved arrangement. Visualize in your head how those items might really help or hinder the space for your kids.

Once you’ve settled on an improved floor plan, start re-arranging your furniture to create new play areas for your kids.

You can even take this activity a step further by creating an actual 3D model of your area. You can cut the top and front part of a box to represent the walls and floor of your room. You can then cut up dry sponges or Styrofoam material to represent various furniture items. Once you’ve finished your 3D model, you can always give it to your children to play with as a sort of dollhouse.
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