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Karate and Obstacle Course
Type: Exercise   Skills: Physical & Motor SkillsPlay & CreativitySocial & Emotional Skills
Whether it’s running, dancing, hopping, or jumping, young children, love to move! While we know this kind of play is fun, did you also know that engaging in these types of physical activities can strengthen your child’s social skills, enhance his language and even encourage problem solving? In this activity, you’ll learn how karate and obstacle courses can be fun ways for you to get active with your kids. Karate and Obstacle Course
What We Learn
Respect and patience
Motor skill development
Parent/child bonding
Supply List
Pillows or cushions

Obstacle Course:
Masking tape
Hula hoops
Cones made from construction paper
Karate is a wonderful opportunity to promote social skills because the children are interacting with other children. There are great opportunities for the parents to actually be active with the children, and just for the children to be able to be doing activities that are really setting a foundation for activities later in life.

Karate involves kicking and punching. Obviously when we think of children kicking and punching, the issue becomes, “Is this safe?” So you need to think about how you can create a safe environment for children to be doing these activities in. If a child is going to kick or punch into something, they’re going to want a soft cushion or pillow that the parent can hold. You also may want to lay down a mat or thick blankets in case the child falls. This allows the child to just kick as hard as they want and punch as hard as they want, and it’s a safe place so they don’t injure themselves.

Obstacle Course
Prepare for the activity by clearing the floor space for the obstacle course.

Use masking tape to outline the floor that will be designated as the obstacle course that your children will follow. You can be creative by alternating different colors of masking tape between different sections of the obstacle course.

Use items from around your house to help you lay out the different sections of your obstacle course. For example, if you have a coffee table, perhaps one section of the course could be to crawl under the coffee table. In another section, you could lay out empty boxes that can serve as pylons that the children need to navigate around.

You can create traffic cones for children to navigate around by simply bending construction paper into a cone and taping it together. You can lay hula hoops flat on the floor and have a section of the course where children need to jump from one circle to the next. A final section can be an area of pillows or blankets where kids need to dive into. Simply adjust the course to fit your space and needs.
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