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Storytelling Boxes
Type: Projects   Skills: Language & LiteracySocial & Emotional Skills
Making storytelling boxes can be a great way to bond with your grandchild. Itís important for children to hear stories about you and your past and creating a storytelling box can be one way to bring you closer together as a family. Storytelling Boxes
What We Learn
Social skills
Story telling skills
Communication skills
Language skills
Supply List
Small cardboard boxes
Construction paper
Decorative items
To make a storytelling box, all you need to do is find a simple cardboard box, such as a shoe box, stationery box, cigar box, etc.

Next, collect materials to decorate the outside of the box. You can use natural materials from outside (such as pine combs, leaves, shells), or all kinds of other materials such as construction paper, felt, stickers, etc.

Finally, find objects which have special meaning for you to place into the keepsake box. Items can include mementos, such as a piece of jewelry, photographs, or a postcard from a loved one. Focus on using items that have history and are meaningful to share with the grandchild items.

Toys from your own childhood can be a great way to connect with your grandchild. Find items which will help you tell a personal story about your past. You can relate those stories from your past to your grandchild.

A storytelling box can become a great bonding experience for both grandparents and grandchildren. For younger children Ė toddlers or babies that donít yet have their verbal skills Ėthe grandparents can still tell their story and share the objects but repeat the story regularly so the child becomes familiar with the story and the object. As always, be careful about letting young children handle objects that could be choking hazards.
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