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Letter Writing
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Saying goodbye can be emotional and confusing for children, whether it’s because there is moving or because they’re transitioning from preschool to kindergarten. Changes like these can upset the predictability of a child’s world. But by helping kids cope with these changes we can make transitions easier. Explore how you can make saying goodbye less traumatic for your child through a simple activity, such as letter writing. Letter Writing
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Letter writing seems like a lost art in today’s world of e-mails and instant messaging, but letter writing can be a great way for children to learn about writing words to communicate their feelings and ideas. It can also be a fun and comforting way for kids to keep in touch with loved ones who may have moved away.

Introduce the art of letter writing by discussing with your child why we write one another and how mail is delivered. You can also read with your child a story about a character who writes letters.

Before your child even writes a letter, you can try making your own indoor mailbox using an ordinary cardboard box. Decorate the mailbox with things your child likes. Place the child’s name on the mailbox and position it in a prominent place within reach of your child. Your child’s mailbox can serve as a temporary holding spot for his or her incoming and outgoing mail.

Sit down with your child and encourage him or her to write a letter to the person they would like to write to. Have your child write the letter him or herself. If your child is too young to write, have them dictate exactly what they would like to say in the letter and write it for them. Or, instead of writing words, consider having your child draw a picture instead that you will mail.

Have your child participate in the whole process of getting the envelope, writing down the address and putting the postage stamp on it.

Then take your child to the mailbox at the post office and drop off the letter. Encourage the correspondence between the child and the significant other to continue back and forth.
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