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Pretend Car Wash
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As adults, we know that lemons taste sour, that flowers are fragrant and that hugs feel good. We know these things because we’ve experienced them with our senses. In the same way, children learn about the world by experiencing things through their senses. A fun activity, which can involve many of your child’s senses, is a pretend car wash. Pretend Car Wash
What We Learn
Sensory awareness
Language development
Cause & effect
Supply List
Bucket of water
Spray bottle
Baby shampoo
You can set up a pretend car wash activity in a couple of ways. You can either let kids wash their own tricycles or bicycles, or you can let them wash smaller toy cars, trucks, or even dolls and other small toys.

Simply provide a bucket of warm water, various sponges and brushes, and a dry towel. Add some baby shampoo to the bucket of water. Let the children wash their tricycle or toy using the various sponges and brushes. You can even provide a spray bottle full of water to aid in the washing process. Finally, provide a towel for them to dry off their tricycle or toy.

Remember, this activity should always be done under the supervision of an adult because kids are playing with water.

You can set this up outside or inside, whichever is most accessible. The beauty of this activity is that there’s no set way to do it, other than to provide kids with the sensory experience.

This activity is all about sensory exploration. Let your kids experience the sensation of the water, the feel of the bubbles, the scent of the baby wash, the texture of the brushes and towels. These are all sensory experiences. Make them aware of their different senses and get them to talk about what they are experiencing.

By talking about the different sensations you’re encouraging language development. Kids are also learning about cause and effect because they’ll see that when something is dirty, washing it will make it clean.
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