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Adventure Backpack
Type: Projects   Skills: Language & LiteracyScience & Environment
In this activity, you’ll learn how putting together an adventure pack can help you lay the foundation for your kids to develop good communication as they grow up. Adventure Backpack
What We Learn
Talking and listening skills
Language Development
Supply List
Magnifying glass
Empty food containers
Prepare an “adventure backpack” by simply taking an ordinary backpack and filling it with items your child can use to explore the outdoors. Some materials you may choose to include: magnifying glass, empty plastic food containers, tweezers, notepad, and pencil.

Go outside in your backyard or to a park and help your child explore the environment. Encourage him or her to use the magnifying glass to take a closer look at plant leaves or to examine bugs which might be living on the underside of rocks. Your child may want to use his hands or tweezers to pick up bugs and put them in an empty food container to get a closer look.

As your child explores the surrounding, ask open-ended questions to encourage the conversation. Don’t simply ask, “What’s the color of that leaf?” Instead, ask your child to describe what they are experiencing. Encourage them to use words to express what they are seeing, feeling, hearing, smelling and touching.

Remember, he or she might be over-stimulated with new things they are finding, so give your child a moment to process their thoughts before they respond to your question.
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