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Potty Learning Techniques
For Child Care providers
Type: For Child Care providers   Skills: Health & SafetyPhysical & Motor Skills
While most children seem to show signs of being physically ready to use the toilet as toddlers, not all kids have the intellectual or psychological readiness to learn to use the toilet at this age. Discover how to help your child make the successful transition from diapers to the potty. Potty Learning Techniques
What We Learn
Children must be physically, cognitively & emotionally ready
Every child learns to use the toilet at his own pace
Encouragement & positive feedback are most effective
Supply List
Big-boy or big-girl underwear or training underwear
Potty chair or seat
Children's books or stuffed animal
There are many different items and techniques you can use to help get your kids excited about using the toilet. Start by making sure that your child is exhibiting signs that he or she is actually ready to learn to use the potty. These techniques won’t be useful if your child isn’t physically, cognitively and emotionally ready.

Learning to use the potty should be a positive experience for kids, so you can start by making a special trip to the store to purchase a child potty or potty seat, and big-boy or big-girl underwear. You should involve your child in the entire process and let him or her pick the underwear he or she wants. Also, because accidents are bound to happen, you’ll want to purchase some training underwear, which are thicker and prevent leakage.

This process is all about trying to get your kids excited about this very big milestone. You can even make a trip of going to the library to check out some children’s books on learning to use the potty. Sit and read the books together, talk about them, and introduce the children’s potty. Once they’re excited, you can move onto the next step, which is wearing underwear and learning to use the potty.

When you introduce the potty and place it in the restroom, remember to bring along some children’s books or the child’s favorite stuffed animal. A bathroom can be an intimidating environment for a child. A familiar book or toy can help make going to the potty a more relaxing and comforting experience for the child.

Keep in mind that because every child is different and moves at his or her own pace, these techniques won’t work overnight. But they should provide a foundation for getting kids excited about using the toilet.
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