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Childproofing Your Home
For Child Care providers
Type: For Child Care providers   Skills: Health & Safety
From the car to the playground, keeping kids safe from accidental injuries is so important. But what about the hidden dangers that could exist inside your home? Childproofing Your Home
What We Learn
Pay attention to where your child is at all times
Be sure your child is secured in the right-sized safety seat
Make sure there is a protective surface under all playground equipment
Create safe spaces for your child to play outside
Supply List
Smoke/Fire Detectors & Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Everybody should have a smoke or fire detector in their home. You should have one on every level in your home, so if you live in a two-story home, you need at least two smoke/fire detectors. You should also have a carbon monoxide alarm detector in your home. It's a little pricier than a smoke detector, but carbon monoxide is an odorless, silent killer, so it' s important to have one.

Electrical Outlet Covers
Nowadays, we have a lot more appliances in the home. We know kids are curious and that they're likely going to want to play with those cables that are plugged in. So you should purchase several outlet plugs which cover the outlet and prevent kids from sticking their fingers or other items in an empty socket.

Cabinet Latches
You have cabinets all over your home, but especially in your kitchen. Inside your cabinets are detergents, cleaning supplies, chemicals, medications, knives and other items that would be dangerous for your child to come in contact with. Place latches inside your cabinets to prevent children from being able to open up the cabinet doors.

Window Locks
There have been a lot of incidents where children may fall out of a second-story or higher window. To help prevent that, you can install window locks. These locks still allow a window to open slightly, but you can actually limit how much a window will open.

Table Edge Guards
You can also childproof your home by installing bumper guards on the corners and edges of tables. If money's an issue, you can actually use fabric to sew your own bumper guards. Since children are at eye-level to many tables in the home, these guards can help protect them if they accidentally fall or bump their heads on it.

Door Handle Covers
If you don't want your toddler opening a door - and possibly risk falling down a flight of stairs - consider using door handle covers to minimize the likelihood of kids being able to unlock and open a door. If you can't afford to buy a door handle cover, you can put a sock over the doorknob so that your kid is less likely to get a good grip on the handle.

Choking Hazards
Since young children like to put things in their mouths, small toys can pose a great choking hazard to children. An easy way to check to see if a toy or object poses a choking hazard for a child is to place that toy through a toilet paper roll. Imagine the toilet paper roll as the width of a child's esophagus. If the child's toy can fit in the toilet paper roll, then it can fit - and lodge - in a child's throat. Remove any small toy or item that can become a choking hazard.

Toilet Seat Locks
Children can drown in as little as two inches of water, so even the water in your toilet bowl can pose a drowning hazard. You can purchase a lock that goes right on the toilet seat cover so the child can't get in.

Pool Safety
If you have a pool, make sure you have a fence surrounding the pool in addition to a pool cover. The fence has to be taller than your child and the door must always be closed. You also have to make sure that all the things you use to garden and clean your lawn are put away safely. Even if your child is older, you should always be aware of them. Never, ever leave your children alone.

Water Temperature
Other things in your home to take into consideration, such as the temperature of water in your home, which can cause severe burns if it's set too high. Don't forget about doors slamming on little fingers. These are all things that many adults often don't think about.
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