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Activities for Kids & Their Father Figures
Type: Projects   Skills: Physical & Motor SkillsSocial & Emotional Skills
Children who grow up with involved fathers or father figures tend to be more confident, more likely to have higher self-esteem, more likely to have higher grade point averages and tend to be more sociable. Here's a few ways that you, as a father or father figure, can bond with the child in your life. Activities for Kids & Their Father Figures
What We Learn
Supply List
Milk Carton Birdhouse
Empty cardboard milk carton
Wooden Popsicle sticks
Tempera paint
There are several examples of different activities that a father or father figure can do with a child. What you first want to do is find something that you are interested in. For example, if you're into gardening, then introduce your child to planting tools and the whole process of growing plants or vegetables. What's great with a project like gardening is that it's an activity that takes place over time - it's not just a one-time activity.

Another great activity you can do with your children is building a simple birdhouse.

Milk Carton Birdhouse
Begin with an empty cardboard milk carton. Rinse and dry the inside of the carton to make sure it's clean.

Cut about a two-inch sized circle in one side of the milk carton. You can use the bottom of a beverage can to help you draw a circle before you cut out the hole. This hole will become the entrance for the birds in their new nest.

Next, you and your child can take wooden Popsicle sticks and glue them all around the sides of the birdhouse. You can even create a nice roof for the birdhouse using the angled top of the milk carton.

After the glue dries, you and your child can decorate the birdhouse by using tempera paint to color the wooden Popsicle sticks.

Throughout this activity, this is the perfect time to bond with your child so remember to ask your child open-ended questions. Perhaps you can talk about how you remember building a birdhouse with your own father when you were a child.

When you and your child are all done making your birdhouse, find an appropriate area outside where you can safely and securely hang your birdhouse. Place some dried grass inside your birdhouse to give the birds a little help in building their new nest.

In the days and weeks afterward, you and your child should observe and discuss if any birds have made your birdhouse their new home.
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