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Box House
Type: Games   Skills: Language & LiteracyPlay & CreativitySocial & Emotional Skills
In this activity you'll learn how to create a house out of cardboard box. A box house is especially great for young kids who can benefit from the many opportunities to interact socially with other children and learn about positive interactions. Box House
What We Learn
Social skills
Cooperation skills
Supply List
Large box
Duct tape
Box cutter knife
Tempera paint
First, find a large cardboard box, such as a box for a refrigerator, washing machine or other large appliance and seal off the ends of the box to make sure there are no sharp edges or staples that stick out.

Use box cutter or an X-acto knife to cut out windows and doors in the box. When you do so, remember not to compromise the stability of the box.

Decorate the box using markers or tempera paint. You can draw shades, potted plants or anything else you want on the sides of the box to make it more colorful and fun.

Introduce your children to the box house and begin dramatic play. Demonstrate closing the door and windows and asking questions like "Where is so-and-so? The door is closed and I wonder if so-and-so is behind the door?"

Dramatic play opportunities like this can teach children social skills. By interacting with other children or adults, an infant or a toddler learns about what works and what doesn't in social situations. It also teaches cooperation skills.
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