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Ball Toss Game
Type: Outdoor   Skills: Math & NumbersPhysical & Motor SkillsPlay & Creativity
In this activity, kids will learn how to create their own ball tossing game they can play outside. Children can learn a lot from an activity like tossing a ball. First, by using their arm muscles to throw the ball through a hole, your kids are developing their gross motor skills and their hand-eye coordination. By matching the balls to their corresponding holes, your kids are learning about sizes. Ball Toss Game
What We Learn
Gross motor skills
Hand-eye coordination
Size recognition
Supply List
Balls of different sizes
Old Bed Sheet
Paint or masking tape
Gather different sized balls from around the house. Use the different balls to help you trace circles of various sizes on an old bed sheet.

Use scissors to cut out circles to create holes of various sizes in the sheet. You and your kids can use paint or colored masking tape to make decorations around the holes in the sheet. Outlining the holes with paint or tape will also make it easier for the kids to see the holes.

Take the sheet outside and hang it up. Tie the top end to a clothing line or a fence. Be sure to tether the bottom end of the sheet to the ground. Arrange the sheet at an angle so when the balls hit the sheet, they will roll downward toward the holes.

Finally, give each of your kids a chance to play the ball tossing game. The goal of the game is to get all of the balls tossed through the hole. Your kids will have to figure out which balls will fit through which holes.

This can be an especially good activity for babies and toddlers because you can tailor it to their age and ability. Since young babies aren't yet able to throw, adults can play a ball-drop game with them instead. You can make a ball-drop game by cutting holes out of a cardboard box instead of a sheet. Encourage them to crawl up to the box and place the ball through a hole on their own. As they get a little older, you can make a ball toss out of a sheet and have them walk up to it and actually throw the ball.
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