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A Silly Art Book
Type: Crafts   Skills: Language & LiteracyPlay & Creativity
In this activity, you’ll learn how to create a silly story book with your children. A silly story book is an art project that you and your kids put together with paper, yarn, photos and decorative stickers. A Silly Art Book
What We Learn
Children are most receptive to learning when they’re having fun
Provide a variety of art materials
Talk to your kids about what they’re creating
Supply List
Construction Paper
Hole puncher
Disposable camera
The first thing you need to do when making a silly story book is to first make a blank story book. Simply take several sheets of paper, punch a couple holes along one side, and tie yarn through the holes to bind the pages together.

Next, give your children a small disposable camera with which they can take silly pictures of themselves or their friends. You can also use Polaroid cameras, which are great because the pictures turn out instantly. There are even instant cameras you can use in which the photos already have a sticky backing.

You want to make sure your children remain safe during the activity, but while they are taking their silly photos, encourage them to act as silly as they want. Once the children have taken their series of silly pictures, drop off the film and return in a couple of days when the photos are developed. You can even involve the children in the process by showing them how you need to fill out the form at the drugstore and place the disposable camera in the drop-off slot. If you’re using an instant camera or can print photos from a digital camera, then you’re already ready for the next step.

Give children all of the silly photos they each took with their cameras. Provide them each with a blank story book which you prepared earlier. Then encourage them to glue their series of photos to the pages of the story book.

Next, encourage them to write simple captions under the photos which help tell a silly story. Children can simply write what they were doing when the photo was taken, or they can really use their imaginations to create an outlandish make-believe story.

If the child’s writing skills are not developed enough to be able to write on his or her own, then discuss with the child what he or she wants to say under each of the photos and help write the child’s story in the book. If the child can’t write letters or words, you can still encourage the child to scribble or to draw shapes in the storybook to accompany the silly story.

Children can also use stickers and markers to help decorate the pages of the story book.

Remember, even if you don’t have disposable cameras, you can still create a silly story book. Instead of taking photos with a camera, you can cut out silly photos from a magazine or have the children draw their own silly pictures.

After all of the children have created their silly story books, go around in a circle and have each of the children show their silly story book to the entire group. Ask the children open-ended questions as they explain their silly story and the photos which go along with it.
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