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"People in Your City" Collage
Type: Crafts   Skills: Critical ThinkingHealth & SafetyLanguage & LiteracyScience & Environment
In this activity, your kids will learn similarities and differences between themselves and others by using books and magazines to create a “People in Your City” Collage.
What We Learn
Language development
Supply List
Magazines and newspapers
Scissors (child-safe)
Before beginning the activity, discuss with your children, “What makes us similar to each other and what makes us different from one another?”

Begin the activity by taking a marker and titling the poster with the heading “People in My City.” Explain to the children how they are going to make a poster collage with images of people they might find in their city.

Give the children various magazines and newspapers. Make sure the printed materials you are giving them include a sampling of diverse people from all backgrounds.

Next, ask the children to use child-safe scissors to cut out images representing all the various people that they think live in their city.

Then have the children glue those images to the poster to create their collage.

When the children have finished assembling their collage, display the collage on a wall or easel for all the children to see. Discuss the various images that are included in the collage and ask the children why they chose those images.

More important than the end result of the collage is the process. As your children are engaged in the activity, ask them why they are including the images they are including. Discuss with them how the people they are choosing to include in the collage are similar to themselves and how they might be different.
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