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Fairy Tale Play
Type: Projects   Skills: Language & LiteracyPlay & CreativitySocial & Emotional Skills
In this activity, you’ll learn how a fairy tale play kit can encourage children to reenact the things they see in fairy tales. Kids love fairy tales, and this activity can be a great way to stimulate their imagination by combining dramatic play with fairy tale play. Fairy Tale Play
What We Learn
Play is important
Encourages social and emotional development
Promotes creative thinking
Builds language and communication skills
Supply List
Poster board
Masking tape
Duct tape
Construction paper
Old towels or bed sheets
Paper towel rolls
Wrapping paper rolls
Empty plastic water bottle
Prepare your fairy tale play kit by making some simple, homemade dramatic play props.

You can create crowns that children can wear by using poster board or a thin piece of cardboard. Simply cut the poster board into the shape of a crown and decorate with markers or construction paper. Make sure you create a big enough crown to fit around the perimeter of a child’s head.

You can make your crowns wearable for children of all head sizes. Instead of permanently taping the ends of the crown, attach strips of Velcro so that the crown can easily be adjusted to fit larger or smaller head sizes.

You can create a princess hat by rolling poster board or heavy construction paper into a cone shape. Affix tape to keep the cone shape of the hat. Adorn by taping multi-color strips of ribbon to the top of the hat.

You can create Medieval capes and robes by simply using old towels or bed sheets. Use duct tape to attach yarn or ribbon to one end of the towel so children can use to fasten the cape.

You can make a scepter or wand by using the cardboard from an empty paper towel roll. Fill a small empty plastic water bottle with beads and tape shut the cap. Use duct tape to tape the empty water bottle with beads to one end of the paper towel roll. Use multi-color masking tape to decorate further.

Create a sword by simply using the long cardboard from an empty wrapping paper roll. Wrap with aluminum foil.

To create a shield, simply take a piece of sturdy cardboard and cut into the shape of a shield. Use duct tape to affix a small piece of cardboard to the back to create a handle for the shield.

After creating the dramatic play props, set up an area for the fairy tale play to occur. Allow children to freely explore the materials and encourage them to engage in dramatic play. By providing open-ended materials, “fairy tale play” encourages children to use their imagination.
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