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Window Garden
Type: Projects   Skills: Critical ThinkingScience & Environment
In this activity, you’ll learn how a window garden can help motivate your child’s curiosity. A window garden simply involves taking a clear plastic bag and filling it with cotton balls, bean seeds, and water – then taping it to a window. Window Garden
What We Learn

Observation skills

Supply List
Clear plastic zip lock bags
Bean seeds (Lima beans, Mung beans, or Pinto beans)
Cotton balls
Measuring spoons or cups
Eye droppers
Explain to the children how they are going to create a window garden and ask them open-ended questions about what they think will happen.

Give each child a clear plastic zip lock bag. Have them choose a few cotton balls to place in their bag along with some lima bean seeds. Mung beans and Pinto beans will also work well.

Children can choose the amount of cotton balls they think they’ll need to help grow. The cotton balls will help retain moisture in order for the beans to grown.

Instruct the children to add water inside the bag. Children can add water using a measuring cup or measuring spoons, or you can have them use an eye dropper. Make sure they note how much water they think they need to add in order for their beans to best grown.

Throughout the process, continue to ask the children open-ended questions about what they are doing and why they are making certain choices. Ask them to predict what the outcome might be. Engage them in conversation.

Once the children have completed putting together their bags of beans, cotton balls and water, have the children choose a window where they think their plants will grown. Then tape their bags in that location.

In just a few days, the beans will begin to sprout. Over the next several days, have the children observe and measure their plants progress. You can even have the children chart their growth day by day.

After the beans have grown enough, you can even transfer the sprouts into a cup of soil, if you want to continue the plant growing process. You can also repeat the experiment, choosing different types of beans, different numbers of cotton balls, different water amounts, or different windows (shady versus sunny) to hang the bags.
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