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"I Am Me" Book
Type: Reading   Skills: Language & Literacy
In this activity, children will learn how to create a book about themselves, called an I Am Me book. This activity is great at helping build self-confidence and can be particularly useful, if you feel your child is being picked on.
What We Learn
Supply List
Photo of the child
Construction paper
Create your I Am Me book by collecting several sheets of construction paper. Use a hole punch to make a couple holes along the sides of the paper. Cut a piece of yarn and loop it through the holes in the construction paper. Tie the yarn in a knot to bind the pages together. As an alternative, you can simply use a spiral bound notebook or you can put loose-leaf pages in a 3-ring binder.

Next, take a photo of your child. Tape his or her photo to the cover of the I Am Me book. Using a thick marker, write I Am Me above your childs photo. Underneath the photo, write your childs name.

Use a marker to write a heading along the top of each blank page of the book. The headings might be: My Favorite Food, My Favorite Toy, My Favorite Animal, and My Best Friend.

Then, sit down with your child and show the I Am Me book. Explain how the book is all about them and what they like. Go through each page and each heading. Explain what the headings mean so that your child can draw pictures to accompany the headings.

Give the child crayons, markers or pencils. Children over the age of two should be able to draw photos to accompany the headings for each page, representing their favorite food, animal, toy, etc.

Its important to work on this together with your child. Ask your child open-ended questions about what they are drawing. This way you continuously build your childs self-confidence by validating them and making them feel important.

If the child is too young to participate, perhaps children under the age of two, then the adult can work with the child to make a book for them and base it on what they have observed that they like.

When your child has completed a few pages of his or her I Am Me book, the child can present it to everyone at circle time by showing the pictures and discussing what he or she drew. This can be a great time for children to discover that they share similar interests.

Remember, the I Am Me book is an activity that can be extended again and again in the future. You can always add new pages and new subject headings to the book.
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