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Literacy Bags
Type: Projects   Skills: Language & Literacy
In this activity, you’ll learn how to assemble a literacy bag full of all sorts of great writing and drawing tools. Literacy bags are a great way to promote literacy throughout the day and since they’re portable, your child can take them wherever you go. Literacy Bags
What We Learn
Language development
Writing skills
Fine motor development
Supply List
Backpack or shopping bag
Writing pads
Construction paper
Coloring books
Junk mail
Find a spare backpack which can fit all sorts of writing and drawing tools. If you don’t have an extra backpack, you can simply use a shopping bag, which your child can also personalize and decorate.

In the backpack or shopping bag, place a variety of writing instruments, such as markers, crayons, and pencils. Try to organize it so all of the writing tools are in one compartment.

In another compartment, place various papers and pads which the children can use for drawing, coloring and writing. Include blank pads, scratch paper, construction paper, coloring books, etc.

Also include your child’s favorite storybooks that he or she can look at or read with you while you’re on the road.

Finally, include other printed materials such as junk mail, which your children can use in dramatic play activities.

When you’re done assembling your literacy bag, your child will be able to use it in the car, on the bus, at home, or when visiting relatives. This bag should be taken with you wherever you go so that when your child has a spare moment, he or she can take advantage of the opportunity to write or draw.
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