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Squishy Balls
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In this activity, you’ll learn how to fill balloons with sand or flour to create your own squishy balls. Squishy balls can be a great tool to help relieve stress and help a child manage their disruptive behavior. Squishy Balls
What We Learn
A “squishy ball” isn’t going to prevent misbehavior, but children who are prone to be disruptive when they experience frustration or anxiety can instead be encouraged to squeeze their “squishy ball,” similar to how they can go to a “quiet space,” if one is available.
Supply List
Round Balloons
Bowl of water
Older kids can complete this activity with your supervision. For younger kids, you’ll need to create the squishy balls for them.

Purchase a bag of balloons. Round balloons made of thick latex will work the best and be the most durable.

Place the bottom end of the funnel into the mouth of the balloon and pour sand into the balloon until the balloon is completely filled.

Don’t tie the flap of the balloon just yet! Instead, take the balloon full of sand and carefully hold it in a large bowl full of water. Don’t submerge the balloon completely. Submerge the body of the balloon – everything except the open flap. The pressure from the water will help push out any small air pockets in the balloon.

Pinch closed the open flap of the balloon, so air doesn’t get into the balloon. Tie off the end of the balloon into a tight knot. Dry off any excess water on the outside of the balloon. You’re squishy balloon ball is now ready for squeezing.

Talk to the kids about squishing and how to squeeze the balloon into different shapes. You can compare the exercise to squishing lemons. As they’re squishing the balloons filled with sand, they are releasing energy, stress and frustration out of their bodies.
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