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Healthy Food Choices
Type: Recipes   Skills: Health & Safety
Healthy eating doesnít mean that you and your kids need to go to extremes. Eating healthy will keep kidsí energy level up while keeping their weight down which is a good way to help prevent diabetes. Here are some simple, everyday food ideas that you and your kids can prepare at home. Healthy Food Choices
What We Learn
Set trays with healthy snack alternatives, such as low-sugar fruits and vegetables
Eat sensible portions
Limit high-sugar drinks like juices and sodas
Moderation is key
Supply List
Healthy foods (fruits and vegetables)
Food trays
Set up designated food trays for kids to choose their own healthy snacks. Provide healthy alternatives such as fruits and vegetables for kids to choose from. Many fruits are high in sugar, so choose low-sugar fruits such as cantaloupes or strawberries.

Remember that an appropriate portion size for a child is the size of that childís fist. Divide the food into appropriate portion sizes when serving on a tray. You can even use an aluminum muffin tin to help divide the food accordingly.

Provide a serving utensil for the children to use to get the snack to help them develop their motor skills.

Explain all of the food choices available. In order to help develop their language skills, ask kids open-ended questions about what foods they would want.

Instead of high-sugar drinks like soda and juice, provide healthy alternatives such as water or milk (low-fat milk for children age 2 and older). Fruit juice is extremely high in sugar. Try watering juices down to dilute the amount of sugar kids consume.

Be realistic about your expectations of kidsí eating habits. Sometimes itís okay for a small treat. Moderation is key.
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