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Baby Boxes
Type: Games   Skills: Language & LiteracyPhysical & Motor SkillsPlay & Creativity
In this activity, you’ll learn how to transform a basic box into a learning tool for young children. Infants can learn a lot from an activity where they are exploring how objects fit through holes in a box. Baby Boxes
What We Learn
First, your baby will experience cause and effect, by putting objects into the various holes of the box and watching those objects drop out. Next, your baby will be developing language skills, by hearing phrases like, “in/out” or “up/down.” Finally, by physically inserting the objects into the slots, your baby will be developing hand-eye coordination.
Supply List
Construction paper
Tempera paint
Masking tape
First, gather a few boxes – both large and small.

Next, carefully cut holes of all shapes and sizes – square holes, round holes, triangular holes – into the sides of the boxes. Make sure the holes are the right size for children to insert objects into them. Also, cut an opening at the bottom of the box large enough so the children can reach in and easily retrieve the objects they’ve placed into the box.

Then, decorate the boxes by covering them with construction paper or wrapping paper. You can also paint the boxes with tempera paint. Be sure to cover any sharp edges with masking tape.

Finally, provide different kinds of objects that are safe for children to insert into the slots. These objects can range from wooden cars, plastic toys, ping pong balls, wood pieces, old puzzle pieces, or even small stuffed animals. Make sure that you provide objects which are not a choking hazard.

Interact with the children as they explore placing objects through the holes of the boxes. Use language to describe where the objects are going when they are placed into the box. If kids can’t fit a square object into a round hole, encourage the kids to try a different opening until they can get the object to fall through the proper hole.
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