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Banana Shake
Type: Recipes   Skills: Language & LiteracyMath & Numbers
With this lesson in disguise, kids will think they’re making a tasty treat. What they don’t know is that their Banana Shake comes with a healthy helping of math, language and organizational skills. Banana Shake
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What We Learn
Organizational Skills
Supply List
Measuring cup
A pictograph – simple directions and illustrations drawn on paper or cardboard.
Draw a pictograph with simple step-by-step directions on how to make a banana shake. By relating the pictures with the words, the pictograph incorporates early reading and helps the child track down what’s coming next.

Once the pictograph is drawn, have the kids follow the directions.

Take one measuring cup and measure the milk and the sugar. This will teach the kids early math, because they will be learning how to measure.

As long as they are using a plastic knife, let the kids slice up their own banana. The cutting of the banana is very significant in the learning process. Slicing is a fine motor activity, which leads to pre-writing skills.

And finally, put all the ingredients in a blender and enjoy a healthy treat!
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