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Appreciating Diversity
Type: Projects   Skills: Critical ThinkingScience & EnvironmentSocial & Emotional Skills
This activity is geared towards helping kids learn about diversity. Instead of focusing on differences, this activity will help kids learn about our similarities, too. Appreciating Diversity
What We Learn
Include multicultural materials in everyday activities
Plan first-hand experiences
Model appropriate attitudes and behavior
Focus on similarities as well as differences
Answer kids’ questions directly
Supply List
A variety of magazines (such as National Geographic, Jet Magazine, People Magazine, etc.)
5 x 7cards
Glue sticks
You should prepare for the activity by first reading books about diversity, such as “People” written by Peter Spier. While you’re reading, make notes about differences in skin color, customs, etc.

Next, save magazines like “National Geographic” which feature people and families of different cultures all over the world. Ask parents to save and bring in their old magazines, too.

Cut out pictures from the magazines that illustrate differences in skin color, hair, clothing, language, customs.

Using 5x7 index cards, glue the pictures of individual people to the card, making at least a dozen cards. You can have the children help glue the photos to the cards.

Next, discuss with the children differences and similarities of the people pictured in the photos. Ask kids open-ended questions about the child’s own skin color and ask them to compare to the people pictured on the cards.

Follow up the discussion by having the children sort through the pictures by similarities or by differences -- maybe even creating a collage.
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