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Healthy Snacks
Type: Recipes   Skills: Health & SafetyLanguage & LiteracyPhysical & Motor Skills
With this activity, you’ll learn how to create “Bugs on a Log” and “Face Sandwiches” – snacks you and your kids can prepare together. Not only are the snacks fun to create, but they are nutritious as well. Healthy Snacks
What We Learn
Motor skills
Language development
Social skills
Healthy eating habits
Supply List
For “Bugs on a Log”
Celery sticks
Peanut butter
For “Face Sandwiches”
Whole wheat bread or English muffin
Peanut butter or low fat cream cheese
Carrot sticks
String cheese
Cucumber slices
Tomato slices
Alfalfa sprouts
“Bugs on a Log”
Set up a table with all the ingredients in a bowl or containers so that they are easily accessible to the children. Provide utensils for the children to handle the food, like plastic knives as spreaders, and tongs for grasping pieces of food.

Have children choose their celery stick and spread the peanut butter on their celery.

Next, have the children use tongs to take a few raisins and place them on their celery.

Finally, let the kids eat their “Bugs on a Log” snack.

“Face Sandwiches”
Set up bowls or containers with various foods which children will use to create their face sandwiches. Provide utensils, such as tongs, so children don’t use their hands.

Have children choose peanut butter or cream cheese as their base and have them spread it on a slice of whole wheat bread.

Encourage the children to select from the various food items to create their face sandwich. For instance, they can use a tomato slice cut in half for each ear. They could use cucumber slices for eyes, an olive for a nose, peas to create a mouth, and alfalfa sprouts for hair.

Once they’ve completed their face sandwich, let the kids enjoy eating their creations. You may want to take a photo to preserve their culinary artwork.

Remember, this activity can be a great way to encourage children to try a food they may have been reluctant to try. You can model good eating habits by trying the food, yourself, especially if it’s a food item the children haven’t been exposed to before.
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