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Cardboard Kitchen
Type: Projects   Skills: Play & CreativitySocial & Emotional Skills
For this activity, we’ll be creating a cardboard kitchen that kids will absolutely love to play in. Setting up a dramatic play area, like a kitchen, is an activity that really encourages cooperative dramatic play, which is the type of play that is most typical among 3 to 6 year olds. Cardboard Kitchen
What We Learn
Social skills
Cooperative skills
Supply List
Cardboard boxes
Butcher paper
Construction paper
Masking tape
Box cutter
Tempura paint
Kitchen props
First, find some sturdy cardboard boxes. You can usually find large cardboard boxes at places like grocery stores or electronics stores.

Next, use masking tape to tape all the boxes shut. Then figure out how you want the layout of the kitchen to be. Start laying out the boxes into the basic shape of a kitchen, for instance, an L-shape. Deciding where all the boxes go will help you figure out which box should be made into which appliance, such as a refrigerator, stove, oven, and microwave.

Once you have your layout, start transforming your cardboard boxes into kitchen appliances. You can use butcher paper or paint to cover the exposed areas of the boxes. You can use construction paper and markers to add detail to the appliances. For instance, you can cut black construction paper into round circles and glue it to the top of a box to make the burners to a stove. You can draw in other details, such as the dials to a stove or the digital display to a microwave.

Be as creative as you want and ask the kids what they want included in their play kitchen. After decorating the boxes, you should use box cutter or utility knife to carefully cut out any openings in the appliance, such as doors for the refrigerator and oven.

Once you’ve finished transforming the boxes into kitchen appliances, place some old pots and pans, plastic dishes, and other safe kitchen utensils for the kids to play with. These items will be great props which can enhance the children’s play.

Finally, let the children engage in dramatic play. They will have a great time pretending to cook and clean in their make-believe kitchen.
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