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Sound Instruments, Painting and Water Play
Type: Projects   Skills: Physical & Motor SkillsPlay & CreativitySocial & Emotional Skills
Today’s activity is really three separate activities you can safely do with children with items you already have at home. Sound Instruments, Painting and Water Play
What We Learn
Language development
Cause and Effect
Motor skills
Supply List
For sound:
Pots and pans
Wooden spoons
Metal spoons
Egg beaters
Hand mixers
Flour sifters
Metal bowls
Plastic bowls

For painting:
Pie tins
Tempura paints
Butcher paper
Old potato masher
Old egg beater
Old toothbrushes

For water play:
plastic bowls
turkey basters
eye droppers
large containers
water bottles
plastic cups
food coloring
Sound Activity
Set up a blanket in a designated play area. Spread out the pots and pans. Introduce children to various kitchen utensils such as metal and wooden spoons or egg beaters, etc. Allow children to explore the sounds they can make clanging utensils against the pots and pans.

Paint Activity
To protect the floor, first lay down a drop cloth. Next, place pie tins with different colors of tempura paint. Tape a piece of butcher paper to the floor. Set out various tools the children can choose from to paint with and let the painting begin. Instead of paint brushes, the tools you place out can be ordinary household objects, such as old toothbrushes, feather dusters, potato mashers or egg beaters.

Water Play Activity
Set up four large bowls filled half-way with water. Add different colors of food coloring to dye the water. Introduce various tools children can use to experiment with the water. For example, show them how they can use turkey basters or eye droppers to suck up some water, then they can push out that water into a plastic cup. They can then pour the water into a funnel, which drains into a plastic bottle. Allow the children to explore the activity and introduce additional tools as needed.
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