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Innovative Measuring
Type: Projects   Skills: Math & NumbersScience & EnvironmentSocial & Emotional Skills
Today’s activity is a way to get kids to measure things by using ordinary objects such as pencils, blocks, straws and legos instead of using a ruler. Innovative Measuring
What We Learn
Number concepts
Critical thinking
Measurement vocabulary
Supply List
Plastic drinking straws
Cereal boxes
Poster board
Spread out a blanket and leave some measuring for the kids to use. Instead of rulers, though, place out blocks, legos, plastic straws, pieces of yarn, or any other thing you can think that the children might have fun measuring with.

Then introduce a few interesting items for them to measure, such as a teddy bear, or dinosaur, or toy truck. You can even ask them to measure how long the couch is by using an empty cereal box.

As they measure the items, have the kids tell you how long or wide each item is. You or the child can then chart the measurements on a poster board.

As always, make sure to ask kids open-ended questions during the activity so the child uses vocabulary as they describe their understanding of math concepts.

This activity can be done with one or several kids. Just make sure you have enough measuring tools to accommodate everyone.
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