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Games with Boxes
Type: Games   Skills: Critical ThinkingPhysical & Motor SkillsPlay & CreativitySocial & Emotional Skills
“Games with Boxes” is an easy activity where you set up an area in your house with large empty boxes for your kids to play, experiment and be creative in. Games with Boxes
What We Learn
Critical thinking skills
Gross motor development
Imaginative play
Supply List
Prepare for the activity by gathering as many medium and large boxes as you can find. Try to find boxes that children can actually step inside of, like TV boxes or computer boxes, and diaper boxes.

Ask your kids to pick a theme, like a bus or a train – anything the kids come up with. Then simply set up the boxes and allow the children to play, using their imagination to transform the boxes into cars or a train, etc. As the play begins, you can add other props as needed.

You can also expand this activity further by actually encouraging the children to decorate the boxes as cars or trains or whatever they can think of by using paint and construction paper. For example, if the children start pretending that the boxes are trains, then you encourage them to add wheels and provide them with the paper and challenge them to cut them out and tape them to the boxes.

You’ll probably notice with infants, they’ll want to climb in the boxes and explore the cause and effect of the box. With older kids, they’ll probably come up with themes, add props and engage in dramatic play. They’ll be gaining an understanding the challenge of building and imagining something with boxes.

With a child with development differences, the provider observes the needs and adapts the activity to the abilities of the child in order not to overwhelm them. If the child has physical needs, the provider will need to facilitate in order to involve the child.
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