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5 Steps to Calming a Cranky Baby
For Child Care providers
Type: For Child Care providers   Skills: Health & SafetySocial & Emotional Skills
Many times, adults don’t understand what helps make babies calm. After having been in the womb for 9 months bundled up with constant motion, we want to put them in a quiet room and in the crib. Learning baby’s communication and cues are key in helping a baby to self-regulate and parents understand when they need to respond to their child. These are 5 easy steps you can take toward helping calm down an irritable baby. 5 Steps to Calming a Cranky Baby
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What We Learn
Babies fuss when uncomfortable or to blow off steam
Sometimes it’s OK to let babies “cry it out”
Use touch, sound and movement
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Five Steps which Help Calm Babies Down:
  • Swaddling - Wrap the baby snugly in a blanket with the arms inside the blank to stop flailing. It feels safe, cozy and womblike for the baby.
  • Side – Position the baby on his or her side (or stomach) to trigger the calming reflex. Lying on his back can feel like falling.
  • Shushing – For 9 months, fetuses have heard the whoosh of Mom’s blood. To mimic that white noise, say “SHHHH” as loud as the infant cries, or run the dishwasher or put on a CD to mimic the white noise sound.
  • Swinging – Start rhythmic jiggling to mimic the rocking the baby felt in the womb. Remember, never violently shake a baby.
  • Sucking – As the baby calms, ease him into dreamland by offering the breast or pacifier.
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