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Homemade Surveys
Type: Projects   Skills: Language & LiteracySocial & Emotional Skills
Today’s activity involves making homemade surveys for kids to poll each other about what they saw and experienced during a walk. This is a great language development exercise because it will help them to see letters, numbers and words and speak and write too. Homemade Surveys
What We Learn
Pre-literacy skills
Record and interpret information
Language skills
Supply List
Blank Paper
Pencils or pens
Prepare for the activity by going on a walk with your kids through the neighborhood or the park. Point out all the signs, and pick up leaves or pinecones, whatever it is you want to focus on as a learning activity during the outing.

When you return home, make up survey forms about what you saw and did during the walk. For instance, one question can be “What color leaves did you see? Green? Brown?” Another question can be, “Did you see or hear a dog? A cat?” Once you’ve formulated enough questions, write each question at the top of its own sheet of paper. Then cut out some pictures from old magazines that pertain to the question and glue them to the paper to decorate it. This way, kids can make a visual connection between the words and the question.

After you’ve made the surveys, clip each one to a small clipboard and give it to a child. Ask the kids to poll each other and bring back their responses.

During circle time, share all of the survey results with the group. Be sure to ask questions and involve kids in their survey results.

You can do this activity with just one child. Instead of polling other kids, the child can ask his question to family members and neighbors. Child Care providers should always adapt activities to the individual needs and abilities of each child.
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