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Homemade Books
Type: Reading   Skills: Critical ThinkingLanguage & LiteracySocial & Emotional Skills
Books are important for kids of all ages. Today’s activity will show you how you and your kids can make your own personalized books. Homemade Books
What We Learn
Start reading to infants at or before birth
Babies learn language through intonations, toddlers learn vocabulary
Make reading to a baby a special part of every day
Supply List
Blank white paper
Construction paper
Hole puncher
Glue stick
Clear packing tape
Magazines or photos
Before the activity begins, prepare blank books which the children will later personalize. Take about 10 sheets of white paper and place a sheet of construction paper on top and a sheet on the bottom. While holding all the pages together, use a hole puncher to make a couple holes along the sides of the pages. Then use some yarn to tie the pages together.

Give a blank book to each of the children and tell them that they’re going to be able to create their own book. Each child can create a book based on whatever theme he or she chooses. Themes might include “animals,” or “cars” or “my family” or “my favorites.”

Have photo magazines available for the children to go through and cut images from, using safety scissors. If the children are too young to use scissors, you may want to have various photos or images pre-cut from the magazines.

After the children have selected images for their book, have them use a glue stick to adhere the photo to the inside white pages of their book. Remind them to try and glue the images in the order they would like them to appear in the book.

The children can use markers to write a word or phrase under each image of each page. You can help write words for younger children that haven’t mastered writing yet.

When the children have finished gluing their photos and writing their words on the inside pages, make sure they decorate the front cover, too. Make sure they write their names, if they can, on the book cover.

When all the children have finished creating their books, have each child describe their book and read it aloud to the rest of the group. Be sure to create a special area in your reading center where each of the child’s books can be stored for future reading opportunities. So their books don’t get torn after repeated use, you may want to use clear packing tape create a protective covering over each of the pages.
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