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Investigation Space
Type: Projects   Skills: Critical ThinkingSocial & Emotional Skills
This activity involves creating an investigation space for infants, filled with items that they can touch and explore. Investigation Space
What We Learn
Babies will develop critical thinking skills by exploring all these items by touching and mouthing them. They will learn investigation skills because many of these items will be new for them and they will be curious about them. Finally, they will also develop their motor skills while picking up and exploring the items.
Supply List
Various household items (scarves, plastic cups, wooden spoons, cardboard boxes, pots and pans, balls, etc.)
First, designate an area just for infants by putting down a soft blanket or comforter.

Next, lay out various household items on the comforter and let the babies explore them on the blanket. Make sure the items are clean and donít have any sharp edges because babies will touch and mouth these items. You can use all sorts of household items to place out, such as metal bowls, scarves of different fabrics, or even stackable plastic cups.

The idea is to make available a couple of different types of items so that babies can explore these items in a safe environment. For example, on one day you might put out a set of old pots and pans and some wooden spoons. On another day, you might place different sized balls and cardboard boxes.

Make sure you watch the children and engage with them. Ask them questions and converse with them as they explore these items. Even if infants canít respond with words, itís important for them to hear the words you use and the tone of your voice.

Change out the items each day so that the activity is different for them each day. You can put out two or three different kinds of items each day so the activity is fresh for the infants.

Toddlers and other children can have an investigation area too, but you may want to set up an area for toddlers at a separate time or in a separate space so that infants are safe when they explore this activity.

Children with a developmental delay will have no problem exploring the investigation area. Child Care providers may want to be more interactive with children who are developmentally delayed. For instance, you can help kids touch and maybe clang the items together to make noises.
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