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Ball Painting
Type: Crafts   Skills: Critical ThinkingPhysical & Motor Skills
Ball Painting is a fun activity where kids use balls, rather than brushes, to create an abstract work of art. Ball Painting
What We Learn
The activity encourages kids to use both their fine and gross motor skills in order to paint with the balls. It also introduces them to color mixing, as well as concepts such as size and sequencing. Most of all, it’s a fun activity for the kids which encourages their creativity.
Supply List
Box lids or clear plastic container
Construction paper
Balls of various sizes, colors, textures
Tempera paints (in various colors)
Tongs or spoons
First, set up your painting area by pouring different colors of tempura paint into bowls. Also, set out balls of various colors, textures and sizes. Balls with different textures can create some interesting patterns and designs. Remember, the balls should be small enough that the children can dip them in the bowls filled with paint.

Give each of the children a box lid or clear plastic container. The box lid or container needs to be big enough to place a piece of construction paper at the bottom.

Next, have the children choose a piece of construction paper which will serve as the canvas for their painting. Place the construction paper at the bottom of the box lid or plastic container. (You may want to tape the corners down to prevent the paper from sliding all over the place.)

Then, have the children create their artwork by taking a ball, dipping it in paint, and then placing the ball in their box lid or container. If their motor skills are developed enough, they can use tongs or slotted spoons to try to hold onto the ball while dipping it in paint and placing it onto their box lid or container. Otherwise, they can use their hands to grab onto the ball.

Once the ball is in their box lid or container, have the children use their arms to hold the box and tilt it, making the balls roll around inside the box. The balls will leave a trail of paint behind, creating interesting patterns and designs.

Children can choose new balls, colors, or textures any time during this process, until they’ve completed their artwork. To help children understand colors, try to match the color of the ball with the color of the paint. For instance, pair the yellow tennis ball with the bowl full of yellow paint. Put the white golf ball, with the white paint.

Encourage the children to discuss what’s going on during the activity. Have them make predictions about what will happen when they mix colors. Use language to talk with the kids about what is happening on their papers and why. Ask the children identify whether their balls are smooth, shiny, bumpy, etc.
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