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Bubble-Blowing Kit
Type: Outdoor   Skills: Language & LiteracyPhysical & Motor Skills
Today’s activity will explain how you can make an at-home bubble blowing kit, so that kids can create their own “bubble experiences.” Bubble-Blowing Kit
What We Learn
Kids can learn a lot from bubble experiences, such as cause and effect. When air is blown through one end it causes the production of bubbles because of the soap at the other end. They’ll develop language skills by discussing the shapes that are being formed by the bubbles and use of new vocabulary like octagon or descriptions of large, enormous, long, slender etc. They’ll use their observation skills by recognizing differences and similarities in bubbles and shapes. They’ll also get to fine-tune their hand-eye coordination.
Supply List
PVC pipe (1 inch or so in diameter)
Water bottles
Rubber bands or tape
Bubble mix
Pie tins
Get some PVC pipe (long plastic tubing) from your local hardware store. The diameter of the pipe size should be around 1 inch in size. Cut the PVC pipe down to an appropriate size for the children to handle – approximately 8 inches or so. The exact length isn’t important. You just want to cut it down to a manageable size for the children to be able to handle.

As an alternative to PVC pipe, you could also use some plastic water bottles. Cut off the bottom part of the water bottle.

Cut some cheesecloth and fit it over the bottom end of the water bottle or PVC pipe. Put a rubber band or tape over the cheesecloth to secure it.

Place a pie tin out for each child and pour bubble mix into the pie tins. Give each child his or her bubble-blowing PVC pipe or water bottle. Instruct them to dip the cheesecloth end into the mix and have them blow through the other end to create their own bubbles.

As their provider, you can offer suggestions on how hard to blow, how to position their mouth, and different shapes they can create with the bubbles.
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