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Newspaper Sculpture
Type: Crafts   Skills: Play & CreativitySocial & Emotional Skills
A “newspaper sculpture” is a way for kids to create an art piece with tightly rolled-up pieces of newspaper. It’s a great open-ended project that will get kids talking and using their creativity. Newspaper Sculpture
What We Learn
With a “newspaper sculpture,” children will use their hand-eye coordination because they will have to share materials, such as masking tape, and will learn to cooperate with others throughout the project. Most importantly, children will feel empowered and safe from judgment because there is no right or wrong way to make a sculpture with newspaper. In fact, the more creative they are, the more fun it will be for them.
Supply List
Masking tape in assorted colors
Bucket or plastic container
Before you begin the activity, prepare by having several wands of tightly rolled newspaper pre-made. This way, the children can dive right into the activity. Place the wands of newspaper rolls standing up (like a flower arrangement) in a bucket or container so they are easy for the children to grab. Lay out lots of rolls of masking tape of different colors.

Bring the kids over to your activity area and let the kids start creating their own sculptures. Encourage them to bend the wands of newspaper into different shapes. Have them use the masking tape to help retain the shape of their sculpture and to tape together different pieces of newspaper rolls. Since the masking tape is available in a variety of colors, the tape enables the children to help decorate their work of art.

Have lots of extra pages of newspaper available so the children can roll their own wands of newspaper, in case they go through all of your pre-made ones.

Again, there is no right or wrong way for the children to make their newspaper sculpture. Encourage as much creativity as possible. Their sculptures can take the form of an animal, a person, a tree, a car, etc., or something totally abstract and unique.

Supervise the children while they’re creating their sculptures. Ask them to describe what they’re doing and how they are going about it. If they encounter a problem making their sculpture encourage them to find a solution rather than giving up.

Although this isn’t a messy activity, the ink from the newspaper can easily get on a child’s hand. Remember to have the children wash their hands after the activity so the newsprint ink doesn’t get all over the place.
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