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Active Learning
Active Learning

What is Active Learning?

Active learning is a method that can help you better focus on and remember important information. It starts with asking questions that help you think more deeply about what you see and hear.

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Explore the Message Boards for answers to your child care questions. See what others say about their own experiences, share strategies or just sympathize with friends.

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Child Care Provider of the Week

Youngshin Gittings

In Youngshin Gittings' Atlanta, Georgia home, you'll not only find children that are happy and excited but also actively engaged and showered with love. Acting as a second mother to these children is truly an honor that Youngshin takes very seriously



A Workbook for You!

Practice Active Learning while you watch the show.

Gain insight, plan and organize your activities so that you can support your children's learning in every way.

Active Learning Workshops

Workshops use Active Learning techniques to explore episodes of A Place of Our Own.

Conflict Resolution

Many children in the United States use force as a first option when they encounter conflict. What can you do to teach children other options?

Language and Literacy: Print-Rich Environment

Children pick up a lot from the world around them. How can you use your surroundings to teach?

Play and Creativity

They're just playing, right? But what are kids really doing when they play?




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