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What is Active Learning?

Active learning is a method that can help you better focus on and remember important information. It starts with asking questions that help you think more deeply about what you see and hear.

Getting Started

While you watch A Place of Our Own, think about what your answers would be to these questions:


  • What did I see or hear that I already do?
  • What did I see or hear that is new?
  • What is one thing I will continue to do?
  • What is one thing I will try that is new?


After the program, take a couple of minutes to review your answers.


There is no right or wrong. What is important information to one person might be irrelevant to another.


With a little practice, asking questions about what you view will become an easy habit. Answering the questions will help you build on the care-giving skills you already have.

Active Learning Workshops

Workshops use episodes of A Place of Our Own to explore individual topics. They are designed to help you practice active learning. With the video clips provided you can review (what did I see or hear?) and reflect (how does what I heard or saw apply to my own actions?) on particular issues and compare your responses to the guests’ on the show.


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Active Learning Tips
Here are some tips to get you started:
Keep questions handy as you watch. Use them as a guide to taking notes
Review questions before viewing as a reminder of what you want to learn.
Ask yourself what you would have said if you were a panel member on the show.
Use questions after viewing to reflect on what you currently do and how you might integrate perspectives or ideas from the program.
Tape a show and watch it more than once using different questions each time to focus on different kinds of information.
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